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Tonight I celebrate my love

Sheet nhạc bài Tonight I celebrate my love |  Sáng tác: Gerry Goffin & Michael Masser – năm: 1983 | Điệu: Slow  Hợp Âm Bài Tonight I celebrate my love To- [D] night I celebrate my [G] love for [A]you It [D] seems the natural [G] thing to [A] do To- [D] night [Bm] no one’s gonna [Em] find us We’ll [A] ...

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Stairway to Heaven

Hợp Âm Stairway to Heaven [C]Oh, [Am]thinking about all our [G]younger years There was [Dm]only you and [Am]me, we were [Dm]young and wild and [G]free [C]Now, [Am]nothing can take you a[G]way from me We’ve been [Dm]down that road be[Am]fore But that’s [Dm]over now, you keep me [G]comin’ back for more [F]Baby you’re [G]all that I [Am]want When you’re [C]lying here in ...

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If we hold on together

Sheet: Notes & chords If we hold on together | Sáng tác: James Horner & Will Jennings | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Blues Hợp Âm If we hold on together 1. [C] Don’t lose your way, with each passing day You’ve come so far don’t [F] throw it [G7] away [Am] Live be-[C] lieving [Am] dreams are for wea-[Em] ving [F] ...

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The Waves of the Danube – Iosif Ivanovici

Sheet nhạc The Waves of the Danube (Sóng Nước Biểc) | Sáng tác: Iosif Ivanovici – Lời Việt: Phạm Mạnh Cương – năm: 1880 | Nhạc Ngoại lời Việt | Điệu: Valse Hợp Âm The Waves of the Danube (Sóng Nước Biểc) 1. [E] Một dòng sông sâu cuồn cuộn [Am] sóng trôi về nơi đâu [Dm] Gió đưa buồm [Am] nâu mang ...

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