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If – the Bread

Sheet nhạc If – the Bread | Sáng Tác : Bread | Thể Loại: Nhạc Anh

Sheet tông ANghe nhạcGhi chú

Content 3

Hợp Âm If – the Bread

if a [A]picture paints a [Amaj7]thousand words then [A7]why can’t i paint [D]you?
the [Dm]words will never [A]show the [Dm6]you i’ve come to [E7]know
if a [A]face could launch a [Amaj7]thousand ships the [A7]where am i to [D]go?
there’s [Dm]no one home but [A]you, you’re [Dm6]all that’s left me [E7]to
and [F#m]when my [F]love for [F#m]life is running [E]dry
you [Em]come and [F#7]pour [Bm7]yourself on [E7]me

if a [A]man could be two [Amaj7]places at one [A7]time i’d be with [D]you
[Dm]tomorrow and [A]today [Dm6]beside you all the [E7]way
if the [A]world should stop [Amaj7]revolving spinning [A7]slowly down to [D]die

i’d [Dm]spend the end with [A]you and [Dm6]when the world [E7]was through
then [F#m]one by [F]one the [F#m]stars would all go [E]out
then [Em]you and [F#7]i would [Bm7]simply [E7]fly [A]away… [D Dm Dm6 A]

hop am If - the Bread

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