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How deep is your love

Sheet: Notes & chords How deep is your love | Sáng tác: Bee Gees | Nhạc Quốc tế

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Hợp Âm How deep is your love

1. [D] I know your eyes in the [F#m] morning [Em] sun
[Bm] I feel you [Em] touch me in the [F#m] pouring [Asus4] rain
And the [D] moment that you [F#m] wander [Em] far from [F#m] me
I wanna [Em] feel you in my [F#m] arms a-[Asus4] gain
Then you [G] come to me on a [F#m] summer breeze
Keep me [Em] warm in your love then you [Em6] softly leave
And it’s [F#m] me you need to [Asus4] show

Chorus: [D] How deep is your love, [Dmaj7] how deep is your love
[Gmaj7] I really mean to [Gm6] learn
‘Cause we’re [D] living in a world of [Amaj7] fools
Breaking us [B7] down
When they all should let us [Em] be
We be-[Gm] long to you and [D] me

2.I be-[F#m] lieve in [Em] you
[Bm] You know the [Em] door to my [Bm] very [Asus4] soul
You’re the [D] light in my [F#m] deepest [Em] darkest [F#m] hour
You’re my [Em] saviour [F#m] when I [Asus4] fall
And you [G] may not think I [F#m] care for you
When you [Em] know down inside that I [Em6] really do
And it’s [F#m] me you need to [Asus4] show

hop am How deep is your love

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