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  • 25 April

    Love story

    Sheet nhạc Love story | Sáng tác: Taylor Swift – năm: 2008 Hợp Âm Love story Intro: [C][G][Am][F] 1. [C] We were both young when I first saw you I [F] close my eyes and the flashback starts I’m standing [Am] there on a [F] balcony in summer air [C] See the lights see the party the ball gowns I [F] see you ...

  • 23 April

    You are not alone

    Sheet nhạc You are not alone | Sáng tác: Michael Jackson  | Điệu: Blues Hợp Âm You are not alone Verse 1 Another day has [B] gone, I’m still all a-[Abm] lone How could this [C#m] be? You’re not here with [F#] me You never said good-[B] bye, someone tell me [Abm] why Did you have to [C#m] go, and leave my world ...

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